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Presentation of DEF Marine

DEF Marine

With its specialist experience and know-how, DEF Marine offers shipowners, shipyards, equipment installers and seafarers a comprehensive and complete approach to shipboard safety..

A French and independent partner

DEF marine has products manufactured in factories established in France (Fare, Sefi, Bouyer, Cetexel, etc.) giving it a total understanding of the manufacturing processes and a quality that is synonymous with the "Made in France" label.

The DEF Network's international representatives

DEF Network has representatives all over the world that will provide you with technical assistance in setting the equipment to work, as well as an after-sales service as close as possible to the geographical locations that you require. DEF Marine also has its own dedicated export sales team both in France and Turkey.
Above all, marine is also men and women at the service of other men and women, working in order to perpetuate this great maritime adventure whilst complying with current standards and regulations in pursuance of maritime safety.
DEF Marine teams up with TurquaMarine in Turkey